If you have done any internet search on the topic of android devices you will surely run across the topic named rooting of android device and question like why root your android. This article will give an account of benefits of rooting android and will also show the drawbacks of rooting.

The android phone runs on an operating system which was primarily designed for private and commercial use. Android phone manufacturers have restricted several features of this phone either for future use or to prevent damage to the operating system. By rooting your android device you will gain access to the whole file system with the admin rights. This process of rooting eliminates the limits and restrictions. After rooting is done the android user will gain control over many settings, performance and features of their phone. Rooting generally means to get to the root of the operating system and to make global changes. The advantages and disadvantages are listed below


There are mainly two disadvantages of rooting an android phone.

Rooting voids warranty

Although there are many benefits of rooting android but this rooting also contains some drawbacks and warranty violation is one of them. Rooting immediately voids your phone’s warranty. If your phone is rooted then you must not take your phone to the service stations.

Rooting causes bricking of the phone

Rooting comes with the risk of bricking of your android phone. The phone which is bricked due to rooting is almost equal to a brick as both of them do not contain any feature of a Smartphone. The phone is dead when it is bricked. Other potential disadvantages of rooting are listed below

Poor performance

The main intention of rooting is to enhance the feature, performance and speed of the phone but sometimes it is seen that attempts of rooting causes lost of both performance speed and feature. You must keep one thing in your mind that rooting causes change in the stock operating system.


Phones are very susceptive to virus attacks. For the process of rooting one has to flash their ROMs with custom programs. The change in the code of software induces the risk of virus attack.


There are many benefits of rooting android. The advantages have been listed below

Running special application

There are many applications that only run on a rooted device. Superuser is an app which only runs on a rooted android phone. Rooting helps user to take the control of all the data and information of the phone. Another important application of rooting is that it allows computer to access the internet using the phone’s data connection. Another application allows android phone to be used as a Wi-Fi Hotspot without paying the provider.

Memory space

Whenever you install an application it is directly stored on the phone’s memory. This causes problems to the users who have a less phone memory. Rooting allows you to transfer your installed apps and boot images to your SD card. So, generation of free space is one of the important benefits of rooting android.


The decision of rooting your android phone should not be rushed into. Although there are many benefits of rooting android but bricked phone always causes trouble to the users.  

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